Freeze Your Way Out of Debt

So you have started on your road to financial freedom, and decided to pay off your debt. So far the road to paying off your debt may have been smooth… or it could be rocky. Are you having problems with those credit cards you are trying to pay off burning a hole in your pocket? Sometimes they are so tempting and easy to use to buy a little something here and there. You are using your debt snowball but you can’t seem to make any headway on those pesky credit cards (because you still use it for _________). Well here’s an idea to help get you with your credit cards… freeze those SOBs! That’s right freeze them, walk to your kitchen get a big Tupperware fill it up with water throw your credit cards in there close it up and throw it in the freezer.

After you have frozen your credit cards, you will notice it will be much easier to get out of your credit card debt.  You may ask why. Well when you have frozen your credit cards you will have to thaw them out before you use them. While the credit cards thaw you will have a cooling off period… LOL cooling off… That’s right while your credit cards warm up you will have time to consider how important it is for you to go make whatever purchase you were planning on making. You will begin to ask yourself questions like… Do I really need this? Do I really want to have this? Is buying this help me attain my financial goals? The goal here is to make you wait long enough to use your credit card that you realize that whatever you were going to buy in the first place wasn’t really all that important.

I heard this great idea a week or so ago at my future in-laws house. My future father in-law (we’ll call him R) was talking about how they were trying to pay off their debts and how they had been successful except for one credit card. R said he was going to take the last credit card and freeze it. That way next time they wanted to use it they would have to wait for it to thaw and consider whether the purchase was worth putting on the credit card.

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